An IPL Photofacial Is A Medical Spa Treatment That Removes Discoloration From Your Skin

If you need cosmetic treatments that are more effective than simple facials you get at a day spa but you're not ready for cosmetic surgery, you should visit a medical spa. Treatments at a medical spa are given under the supervision of a physician.

You can find treatments given with a variety of devices that heat or cool deep layers of skin, plump up wrinkles, eliminate scars, remove pockets of fat, and make your skin appear more youthful and radiant. One treatment you might be interested in trying at a medical spa is an IPL photofacial. Here's how it works.

An IPL Photofacial Uses Laser Light

One of these facials is given using a device that emits pulses of light as the device passes over your skin. The laser pulses pass through your skin to target pigment cells. This isn't a painful procedure, but if you feel discomfort, let your esthetician know so they can apply numbing cream if it's needed.

An IPL treatment can be given anywhere on your body where you have sun damage, such as your face, hands, shoulders, arms, chest, neck, and legs.

The Laser Treatment Removes Skin Discoloration

The light pulses target pigment cells in areas where your skin is discolored, such as over brown sunspots, freckles, and red spots. The discoloration isn't removed right away. Instead, as the cells die, the discoloration peels off. After a series of treatments, your skin should have a naturally radiant skin tone with the signs of sun damage eliminated.

Other Medical Spa Treatments Can Be Taken

IPL photofacials work well with other types of medical spa treatments, so you may want to talk to your esthetician about complementary treatments, such as a hydrafacial or skin tightening procedure. You may get an enhanced benefit, especially for wrinkles, if you combine spa treatments.

No Downtime Is Needed After An IPL Photofacial

Your face will probably be a little red and swollen after your laser treatment, and it might feel like you've got a sunburn, but the discomfort goes away quickly. You're free to put sunscreen and cosmetics on right after the treatment to cover up the redness, and you can resume your usual routine right away.

Your esthetician will probably advise you to avoid the sun and always use sunscreen so you keep new sunspots from forming.

Multiple Treatments Are Usually Necessary

You'll see results after your first session, but you'll probably need several treatments spread out over several months to achieve clear skin. After that, you might need touch-up treatments a few times a year. Of course, the number of treatments needed depends on the amount of sun damage your skin has.

For more information, contact a medical spa near you.

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