What to Know About Oxygen Therapy

Supplemental oxygen can improve clarity and mood. It may also trigger a faster recovery after strenuous exercise. Some people require additional oxygen. This could be a direct result of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or another ailment that has affected one's lung function. Other people may be inspired to use oxygen on a leisurely basis. Supplemental oxygen supplies can be acquired through a medical provider or a private retailer.

Prescribed Oxygen And Equipment

A medical practitioner provides diagnoses for those who would benefit by using supplemental oxygen. The oxygen that people naturally breathe contains a high percentage of nitrogen and a lesser amount of oxygen. Small traces of argon and carbon dioxide are also present. A person with compromised breathing may be suffering from a medical condition that has impaired their lungs.

Slow or rapid breathing, shortness of breath, and difficulty moving around in a normal manner could be signs that an individual isn't receiving enough oxygen. Compressed or liquid oxygen that is confined within a tank may be prescribed by a doctor. Those with a serious breathing issue may need to use their tank on a regular basis. Those with a minor issue may only require supplemental oxygen when they are walking, climbing, or completing another strenuous task.

Supplemental oxygen allows those with breathing issues to live a relatively normal lifestyle. Some tanks and breathing apparatus components are designed to be portable. The equipment can be brought along with those who will be traveling or working outside of their homes.

Supplemental Oxygen For Leisurely Use

If you have ever heard people mention the breathing difficulties that they experienced while visiting an elevated region, you may be familiar with the oxygen supplements that some of them used during their travels. Oxygen bars are places where people can receive a quick dose of oxygen. These 'bars' are public venues that are designed to refresh those who are experiencing staggered breathing, due to being unaccustomed to a high elevation.

People who spend time in areas that are not far above sea level may also experience occasions when their breathing becomes staggered. Working out a lot or poor air quality can trigger a breathing obstruction. Canned oxygen products can be dispensed with the aid of a mask and tubing. All of the equipment needed to use this type of product may be sold separately from the oxygen. Canned products are under pressure and should never be stored in a hot environment or in one that contains chemicals.

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