Is It Allergies Or A Cold?

It's hard to be able to tell if you have allergies or a cold, particularly if you have symptoms that seem like they could go either way. It's best to see an allergy doctor just to be sure, but start tracking the following symptoms so you can help determine whether your woes are more allergy or cold related. This way, you can self-treat with medications you can buy at the store until you can get professional care. 

Fever and aches

Do you feel achy or have a fever that you have to treat? If so, your symptoms are more like having a cold than having allergies. A cold will cause your temperature to spike as you fight a virus and can cause your body to feel aches and pains all over as well. This is not common in allergies.

Itchy, watery, red eyes

Are your eyes itchy, watery, red, and scratchy? If so, then you are probably dealing with allergies, particularly if you are also sneezing a lot. While having pink eye infections can cause the same symptoms, in general, a cold will make your eyes feel watery or irritated, but will also produce mucus, something allergies may not do unless there is direct contact with a serious allergen.

Recurring symptoms

When it comes to allergies, your symptoms will recur as long as you keep putting yourself in contact with the things you have an allergy to. A cold will usually cure itself over time when the virus has run its course. However, you can keep picking up a cold when you meet someone who has an active cold and makes you sick again. The key to determining whether it's a cold or allergies is to see if there is a pattern to when your symptoms show up.

For instance, if you only feel sick when you go outside or go around a certain animal, then the problem may be allergies. If you get sick when you come in contact with other people who appear to have a cold, then a cold may be what you are experiencing as well.

Since both a cold and allergies can be irritating and make it hard for you to do your normal daily activities, you want to get a diagnosis so you can get treatment if it's available to you. An allergy specialist will be able to help you determine what is wrong with you and make a treatment plan for you.


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