When You Lose A Rear Tooth, It Matters

Your front and side teeth are the important teeth that matter, right? Not exactly. Every tooth in your mouth serves a purpose; even those teeth in the back that you sometimes forget are even there. Learn just how vital your rear teeth are to your everyday function. 

Lack of Support

Your gums rely on your teeth to remain healthy. When you lose a tooth, your gums also lose some of the stimulation they need to remain healthy. As a result, the bones start to wear away. Bone loss is a leading reason for tooth loss. 

So, although you may have lost one tooth, as more of the gums recede, you will likely lose more teeth in your mouth, which will only make your problems greater. Replacing the tooth with an implant provides your gums with the stimulation they need to remain healthy and to fight off the receding process. 

Eating Challenges

When you need to bite into a tough piece of meat or hard fruit, you rely on your front side teeth. However, once you need to break down the food into smaller pieces, you rely on your rear teeth to do so. 

If a tooth in the rear of your mouth is missing, you will have a hard time chewing, which can make eating certain foods challenging. Additionally, the absence of a tooth means that more food will come in contact with your gums, which can also cause irritation. You'll have to reserve your chewing to the side of your mouth where you're not missing a tooth.  

Tooth Misalignment

Just as your gums need your teeth to stay healthy, your smile depends on a full set of teeth to remain straight. A tooth work as somewhat of a barrier for the teeth that surround it. When a tooth is missing, the teeth on its sides can shift. While the shift is slow, over time, you will start to notice that your teeth are veering to one side or another, which can have a significant impact on your smile.

Not until the tooth is replaced will the shifting process end. Keep in mind that the alignment issue can start with the teeth that immediately surround the area of the missing tooth but can quickly spread around your mouth.

If you lose a rear tooth in your mouth, you need to visit a dentist. You may be able to have an implant installed in place of this tooth to avoid the above, and any other, problems that come along with tooth loss. Contact a provider, such as at Oral Surgery Specialists of Austin, for more help.

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