Why Many People Who Need Hearing Aids Don't Have Them

Although hearing aids can greatly improve a hearing-impaired person's ability to hear, there are many people who don't want to use hearing aids despite their hearing abilities. Here are some of the reasons for their reluctance.

They Are In Denial         

Some people don't want to believe that they are suffering from hearing impairment even if all the signs are there for everyone to see. This makes a little sense because human beings are very gullible; many people tend to believe that bad things will only happen to others, and not to them. Such people don't want to talk about their hearing issues and may even get emotional, defensive or angry when you broach the subject to them.

They Don't Know They Have Hearing Impairment

There are also those who don't know they have a hearing impairment. This is typically the case with those whose impairments are just starting, and they can still hear without struggling or without realizing that they are struggling. This is possible because, in the early stages of hearing impairment, the hearing difficulties may not be apparent in quiet environments.

They Think It Makes Them Look Old

Some people don't want to wear hearing aids because they think it will make them look old. This is particularly true with adults who are interested in looking young or at least not appearing older than they are. It is true that age-related hearing exists, but old age is not the only cause of hearing loss. It can also be caused by infections, accidents, hereditary factors, and drug side effects, among others.

They Don't Know It Affects Others

Some people do know that they have a hearing impairment, but they don't care about it too much because they think they are the only ones the impairment affects. However, any person with hearing impairment should know that their conditions affect others besides themselves. For example, it may make others shout their speech or force them to turn up the television louder than necessary.

They Think Hearing Aids Are Uncomfortable

Lastly, some people don't wear hearing aids because they believe the gadgets are uncomfortable. It is true that one may require a few days to get used to the hearing aids. This means that, in the long run, the benefits will outweigh the initial discomfort. It is also true that some brands are more comfortable than others, so you can take your time and choose the best one with the aid of your hearing doctor.

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