Don't Do These Things That Can Worsen Your Back Pain

A sore back is a nuisance, but it's something that you'll likely encounter at some point during your life. In the case of minor back pain, you might be able to get a little rest and notice that the pain decreases in a day or two. In more severe cases, you'll definitely want to visit a chiropractor to have the cause of the pain assessed and get your back adjusted. Ignoring severe back pain is generally a bad idea; when it's not addressed, it can worsen and leave you feeling more miserable. There are some other steps that are equally as bad as ignoring the pain. Here are three things that you shouldn't do when you have back pain.

Act Normal

You should never take a "business as usual" approach to your back pain. For example, if you have a physically demanding job, you shouldn't just continue to work with the hopes that the back pain will go away. In many cases, your continued physical exertion will exacerbate the problem, and you'll soon be contending with more back pain than you initially had. Similarly, if you're a workout enthusiast, you shouldn't ignore the pain and visit the gym for an intense workout. While light exercise can help some forms of back pain, lifting weights and working out in an up-tempo manner can worsen the situation.

Attempt To Stretch It Out

While back pain can occasionally be caused by tight muscles that require stretching, the reality is that the average person can't assess the cause of his or her back pain. This means that you should generally abstain from stretching, especially if it's vigorous, as a method of dealing with your back pain. Your attempt to fix the problem could actually make it worse. For example, if you're suffering from a herniated disc, stretching in the wrong position could push the problematic disc farther out of alignment, and thus cause you more pain.

Spend Long Periods In One Position

Having back pain can be discouraging to the point that you want to be alone, given how miserable you feel. This desire may compel you to stay in your room or stay from work, perhaps propping yourself up in bed or on the couch to watch TV for several hours. In many cases, spending long periods in one position is a bad idea if you have back pain. Even though a certain position may initially feel comfortable, it may not be in the best interest for the health of your back. 

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