Tips To Prepare For Your Hearing Test

If you feel as though your hearing has deteriorated significantly within the last few years, then it may be time to start thinking about investing in a hearing aid. If you do get a hearing aid, then you will need to go through some testing to evaluate your hearing range. The key to the test is determining an accurate range so you can get an aid that best suits your hearing loss. There are several things you can and should do to prepare for your test so accurate results can be seen.

Avoid Loud Noises

Many people know that loud music, construction noises, and other sounds at an increased volume can cause hearing loss over time. While most people think of this as a long-term problem, individuals often do not know that loud noises can affect hearing short-term.

Short-term hearing loss when exposing yourself to loud noises is the body's way of protecting itself from ear damage. If you have ever gone to a rock concert and noticed that sounds seem muffled the next day, then this is part of that protective mechanism. Your hearing usually returns to normal within a day or two. 

While the protective mechanism is normal and advantageous to you, you do not want to go through a hearing test if hearing has diminished short-term. This means that you should try to avoid loud noises the day before and also on the day of the hearing test. Do not go to a concert, mow the lawn, or turn your television up loud for hours at a time. Also, when listening to music at home, try to do so at a reasonable volume. Avoid construction zones as well. If you happen to be a contractor or construction professional, then wear an OSHA-approved hearing protective device. Earmuffs offer the best protection and are the best choice at all times, not just before a hearing test.

Use Ear Wax Drops

Audiologists and ear doctors will tell you that it is unwise to stick anything in your ear to release ear wax. Q-tips and other tools can easily damage the ear canal and the other sensitive parts of the ear. This can cause swelling issues and even infection problems. However, ear wax can diminish your ability to hear, so it is best to release wax as much as possible, especially if it is compacted.

Start cleaning with a damp washcloth and gently clear away was around the ear canal opening. If you notice a great deal of wax or if your ears feel clogged after the cleaning, then purchase some ear wax drops from your local pharmacy. These drops gently dissolve the wax so it can come out of the ear more easily. Only a few drops are needed, so use them at least a few days before your hearing appointment. 

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