Three Hearing Aid Accessories To Consider

Hearing aids have come a long way in the last two decades and the technology continues to evolve. You'll find a wide variety of accessories to make your life easier and to make wearing a hearing aid part of your lifestyle. Once you determine your needs, you'll find a wide number of solutions to help you stay independent. Here are three beneficial hearing aid accessories to consider:

Bluetooth Connectors

You'll find accessories that connect your hearing aids to a wide variety of Bluetooth devices, including audio from televisions, MP3 players, phones, and other sources. These accessories stream audio from chosen devices directly into your ears, which enhances your listening experience. These accessories are often worn around your neck and stay connected until you disconnect. They also have controls so that you can discreetly adjust the volume and listen at your preferred level whether you are at home, or out in public. Some come with smart multifunction buttons that allow you to answer phone calls, switch between audio sources, or change listening programs. They're also easy to handle, small and discreet.

Remote Controls

Remote controls make it convenient to use your hearing aid and come with large buttons and easy-to-read displays. Many have locking switches, which prevent unintentional changes. The display allows you to see what audio source is connected and the volume, and also shows the battery level, so that you're aware when the battery is low. Some remote control accessories are more advanced than others, but they all give you control of your hearing aid at your fingertips for convenience and ease.

Smart Home Accessories

Smart home solutions help extend your safety and independence at home by wirelessly connecting your hearing aid to a smart home device. In the daytime, these accessories allow you to hear special signals from doorbells, phones and many other important alerts that you wouldn't want to miss. At nighttime, many hearing aid wearers feel less safe because they take their hearing aid off to sleep, leaving them more vulnerable as they are less likely to hear smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, or the sound of an intruder. With smart home accessories, the system takes over at night and will alert you to the phone, or other sounds by using a very loud alarm, strobe lights, or even a bed shaking mechanism. This ensures that you are alerted to sounds that help keep you safe.

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