Your Guide To Body Contouring After Weight Loss Surgery

If you have recently lost a significant amount of weight after weight loss surgery, you might still be unhappy with your appearance due to the presence of excess skin. A common complaint after weight loss surgery has often been that the swift weight loss resulted in skin that seems to just hang there, adding unnecessary bulk to the patient's frame. In that instance, it's a good idea to consider body contouring, as explained below.  

The Problem Might Not Just Be The Hanging Skin

One misconception has frequently been that the droopy appearance of skin after a dramatic weight loss is merely excess flesh that stretched out due to weight gain and is still present after the change. Therefore, you might be surprised to discover that the extra skin often included much of the extra, underlying fat that accumulated during your less healthy time of life.   

Since it is often very difficult to get the fat to go away on its own in a timely manner and the issue is often worsened by the presence of the additional skin that accrues as your weight loss continues, contouring the affected area is often the best way to restore your physical appearance. In addition, it is important to note that a recovery time of about six weeks after contouring surgery is usually needed.     

Specific Body Parts Can Be Addressed Or You Can Opt For Most Of Your Body

While it is easy to assume that the most problematic areas of weight gain on your body before is where you should focus on having your surgery now, the truth is that many patients are more troubled by the less obvious areas. That is especially true if you were able to participate in some physical therapy or targeted, approved exercises after your procedure. Those options might have resulted in building muscle, which can often improve or offset the appearance of the hanging skin.

Therefore, it is important to consider whether your abdomen, buttocks, arms, neck, etc. are of the most concern to you or if it is better to discuss with your doctor the option of a full-body contour.   

In conclusion, due to the risks commonly associated with morbid obesity,  weight loss surgery has been credited with saving the lives of many persons who have received it. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for the rapid weight loss associated with that type of procedure to result in excess skin that does little to increase the patient's self-esteem. If you're currently experiencing that issue, you are likely to find the above information to be quite useful.


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