Myths You May Need Corrected About Glaucoma

Developing vision issues can be a problem that will greatly impact your day to day life. If you suffer from severe vision problems, you may find it extremely difficult for you to watch movies, drive or perform a range of other routine tasks. Misconceptions concerning glaucoma can lead patients to make ineffective decisions about managing this serious eye disease.

Myth: You Will Know As Soon As You Start To Develop Glaucoma

For a sense as important as vision, you may assume that you will be able to easily tell whether there are problems developing. Yet, eye disorders and diseases can often be difficult for patients to notice as they can take months or years to develop. Typically, the symptoms of this condition will result in your vision gradually decreasing. By taking the time to have your vision tested each year, the small progressive changes that can characterize this condition will be more likely to be diagnosed before you suffer noticeable symptoms that can lower your quality of life.

Myth: Glaucoma Can Not Be Effectively Treated

Individuals will frequently feel a sense of panic or extreme stress when they are diagnosed with this condition. This can be due to the notion that glaucoma can not be treated. However, it is possible for several treatments to be used for patients that are developing this eye disease. For example, your eye doctor can use surgery to reduce the internal pressure of the eye. Furthermore, there are eye medications that can be used to slow the progression of this disease.

Myth: Surgery Will Help You To Avoid Taking Long-Term Medications

It is routine for those that are suffering from glaucoma to want to avoid the need to take medication for a prolonged period. While glaucoma surgery can greatly reduce your symptoms, you will need to use special eye drops for several weeks or longer after the surgery. Also, some patients may need to continue using medications to prevent the internal pressure of the eye from returning to damaging levels. Your eye doctor will be able to gauge the effectiveness of your glaucoma surgery so that the next steps in your treatment can be determined.

Glaucoma is a serious condition that can eventually result in the complete loss of your vision if you do not seek treatments for it. In particular, knowing that glaucoma symptoms may not be easily noticed, that there are effective treatments available along with the reality that you may need to continue using eye medications after these treatments will enable you to manage this serious eye condition. For more information, talk to a professional like Coastal Eye Care.

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