Don't Be A Boob: Ten Things Not To Do After Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you have an upcoming breast augmentation, pay attention to your provider's advice and aftercare to ensure everything heals nicely. Failure to follow your doctor's recommendations—and pushing yourself—could lead to complications, infection, and pain.

Don't be a boob; keep the following tips in mind after your breast augmentation surgery:

1.Don't try to drive. Don't attempt to drive after your surgery—and this includes getting home from the hospital. Wait until you get the go-ahead from your surgeon.

2.Don't be afraid to walk. Though you will be advised to get plenty of bed rest, don't be afraid to walk small distances while you heal. This actually expedites healing and can reduce your pain.

3.Don't overdo it. Don't overdo it when you get home; get the laundry done, your resting spot set up, and groceries in before you head out for your augmentation. Your doctor will want you to rest and recuperate, typically for six weeks after your procedure, before returning to your normal routines.

4.Don't remove compression clothing. Don't remove compression garments before your surgeon says it is time. This helps with healing and prevents clotting.

5.Don't worry about what you wear. Don't attempt to wear your cute bras and sexy tops too soon after surgery, even though you may be anxious to try out your new breasts! Plan on wearing loose-fitting, baggy clothing for a while after surgery.

6.Don't be afraid to call your doctor. Don't be afraid to contact your doctor with questions or concerns. They understand your anxiety and can alleviate concerns before you begin to have second thoughts about your procedure.

7.Don't be shy about meds. Don't be shy about taking your medications. Surgeons typically prescribe something for both pain and anxiety associated with recovery.

8.Don't doubt yourself. Don't give in to remorse or regret; you may think your new breasts are too large after surgery. This is due to the swelling that naturally occurs, and it will subside.

9.Don't drink alcohol. Avoid alcohol; it can cause complications after surgery, as alcohol is a natural blood-thinner. Furthermore, when taking medications, alcohol can make you sick or dizzy.

10.Don't be shy. Modesty is out the window when it comes to breast augmentation. You will likely feel a bit shy or embarrassed during consults and pre-op appointments. By the time your new breasts have healed, you will be desensitized to showing your breasts to doctors, nurses, and medical staff.

Pay heed to your doctor's advice following your surgery for the fastest recovery and least discomfort as you heal. Use these tips as a guide on what not to do after a breast augmentation; lay low and take it easy. This ensures you don't run the risk of infection, complications, and additional discomfort during your recovery. For more information, contact a doctor at a medical facility such as the Renaissance Center For Facial & Body Sculpting.

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