Top 5 Most Common Causes Of Acne

It isn't fun to fall asleep with a clear face and wake up with a face full of zits. But knowing that acne doesn't just appear from nowhere for no reason might lessen the blow. There are plenty of things that can cause bad acne breakouts, some things that you can prevent and others that you just have no control over. This brief article will address five of the most common causes of acne as well as a few preventative measures you can take in order to ensure that you do not continuously and chronically receive acne or spread it to other portions of your body!


While there are plenty of preventative measures you can take in order to ensure that you do not come down with an acne breakout, one of the most prominent and common causes of acne can actually not be prevented: genetics.

If you were blessed with parents who have perfect skin, then congratulations. However, not everyone can win the genetic lottery. Although there is nothing you can do about genetics, you may want to discuss with your parents how they treated acne. Chances are, whatever worked for them will work for you.


Hormones are also another prominent cause of acne, especially along the lower area of the face, such as the jaw line. This form of acne becomes incredibly prominent during puberty. For women, having your period may result in an acne breakout. For men, spikes of testosterone can cause acne to form in these areas. If you suffer from hormonal acne, there are solutions.

Women may be prescribed birth control pills to help balance out their hormones, which often times causes the acne to clear up. If a women's testosterone is too high and that is what is causing the acne, there are also certain medications available that reduce the body's testosterone production. For men, there are a number of topical gels and ointments available. 


The bacterium that causes acne actually exists on everyone's skin. However, it can be more prominent on some skin than others and some individuals have pores and hair follicles that are particularly susceptible to the acne bacteria.

Once again, consultation with a dermatologist is highly recommended. Usually, a dermatologist will prescribe an oral contraceptive or a topical based cream that will help clear these bacterium from the skin, resulting in fewer breakouts.


It is, by now, common knowledge that cosmetics can actually create acne breakouts. It is generally assumed that makeup and other cosmetics clog the pores causing dirt build up on the skin, which can lead to acne. Although there is some truth to this statement, the primary cause that cosmetics causes acne is due to a reaction between the skin and the structural makeup of the cosmetic itself. This is especially prominent and obvious when applying foundation or putting on sunscreen.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are a slightly less common form of causing acne than the above list, but still somewhat common. Food allergies can be very subtle, but can pack a powerful punch in the acne department. Foods individuals are allergic to can cause deeply serious breakouts within hours of food consumption. Many times you will not be able to detect a breakout until days after the food is consumed, however.

If you notice that there is a correspondence between eating certain foods and being on the receiving end of an acne breakout, it is recommended that you keep a food / acne breakout journal. Log your dietary habits as well as the times you have experienced an outbreak. Similarly, you can go to the doctor and receive an allergen test.

Acne can be a frightening experience, but by making yourself cognizant of the common causes of outbreaks, and using appropriate skin care, you can prepare for outbreaks and in some cases, even prevent them from even happening!

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